Getting to know the mountains better for more fun

In groups, or in private classes throughout the winter season

With family or friends, come to discover or improve your knowledge of the mountain environment to better understand it.

During this session, we will explain the main dangers of the mountain and what can be put in place to better address them.
Depending on your skills and expectations, several themes can be developed:

>>> Reading and interpretation of a BERA (avalanche risk assessment bulletin)

>>> Initiation or improvement in the search for avalanche victims with DVA (avalanche victim detectors)

>>> Responding to a group avalanche

>>> Snow cutting and searching for fragile layers

>>> Field Reading, Topography and Safety Impacts (Avalanches and Progression)

>>> Using digital topography tools

>>> Anticipating, preparing your trip to the mountains (equipment, snow forecast...)

These sessions are a fun and original way to spend a moment with family or to deepen this knowledge of the mountain

In order to deepen the sessions, we recommend a session of 1h30 minimum, ideally 2h
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