Frequently Asked Questions

And our answers

  • How should I dress my child for classes?
Warm, comfortable and waterproof jacket, dungarees or overalls.
Mittens rather than finger gloves
Mask or sunglasses (attached with a cord). Anti-UV index 3 minimum.

  • What equipment does my child need?
Shoes with 1 pair of socks.
Skis: Trust the professionals for the adjustments.
No poles at Club Piou-Piou, nor ourson and flocon lessons.
The helmet is a must.

  • At Club Piou-Piou, can we attend the sessions?
Stay "hidden" behind a slalom pole to observe your child: it's human, your little one will be able to spot you quicker than you think and this may trigger crying or take away their desire to ski and have fun with their new friends!
Instead, ask for a little check-up at the end of the session. We have your mobile phone number (to give to our hosts) and in case of any problem or big issues we will contact you quickly.

  • Do you recommend private lessons for beginners?
In many cases, private lessons are recommended to help beginner children overcome their natural apprehension of sliding.

  • What insurance should I take out for winter sports?
esf St François does not insure its students, we recommend that you opt for the "CARRE NEIGE Intégral" package when booking in advance of your stay and the simple CARRE NEIGE simple if buying on site, which is a specific insurance that covers you in case of accident or illness (for more information see the Carré neige section).
You will find more information on our website in the Carré Neige insurance section or on the website - you have the Carte neige saison - see with your bank sometimes your CB insures you, but be careful with the conditions of your guarantees !