Children from 4 years and
 6 months to 12 years old

Learning while having fun

The pivotal age of progression in all conviviality!

Whether it is beginner or confirmed, the child is put in confidence by our specialized monitors to make his progress at his own pace.
The trust thus established allows the child to surpass himself safely and thus progress in optimal conditions.

Snowflake level : Your child is a beginner. He starts his stay in the kindergarten and will then progress on the slopes. We offer you a specific lift pass.
Level 1st star and higher :  Your child masters the snowplow. It will evolve directly on the slopes of the domain and therefore needs a ski pass from the first day. (Preferential rate package for the 1st star).

Ski or Snowboard Lessons

For a day or half-day
Choose the course adapted to your child's desires and level!

Startingi from 149€ 
First experience on the slopes.
Small skiers progress quickly.

This course concerns children of
Four and a half to six.
Snowflake level possible if the student has validated his Bear

Optional: Daycare and Meals
Starting from 149€ for 6 lessons 
Group Ski Lessons
In group level, collective ski lessons to learn and have fun on the slopes of the resort!

Optional : Daycare

Starting from 299€ for 6 lessons
Maxiski 6
Group ski lessons in small groups of 4 - 6 children to progress more quickly in a friendly atmosphere.

Optional : Daycare

Starting from 149€ for 6 lessons  
Group Lessons
Snowboard group lessons from 8 years old to experience new sliding sensations!

Optional : Daycare
Starting from 172€ for 6 lessons  
Collective Competition Course
Team Rider
A course accessible from the age of 11 for those who have the Gold Star, where Freeride and Freestyle are on the program.
Starting from 53€/hour
Private courses
for 6-12 years old
Tailor-made ski or snowboard coaching to progress quickly and gain confidence.

Daycare for children - Maison des Enfants

Optional ski lessons from Flocon to Competition level.
Starting from 109€ - 6 mornings

Club Cabris

Daycare MDE

In the Kids Clubhouse, inside or outside, 
your child will have fun and play with his friends!

Book online from September, up until 8 days before your arrival, based on our availabilities! To make sure you get the dates, classes and times that you want, dont wait too long before booking.
All the children will be photographed during the ski lessons by our partner photographer "Arts & Images". The photos are at your disposal at "Arts & Images".