Private Lessons
Our customised services

Benefit from a personalised method adapted to your wants and needs!

Whatever your discipline, private lessons are the best way to discover the resort, to quickly learn how to ski, improve your technique and discover a new practice.
A partir de 49€/ heure
The opportunity to practice the oldest skiing technique with free heels and bent knees!
A partir de 49€/ heure
Personalised advice to progress and have fun on the slopes quickly. 
A partir de 73,50€/ 1h30
To make skiing accessible to as many people as possible, whatever the type of disability.
A partir de 49€/ heure
Private Lessons
An instructor dedicated to your progress. 1h or 2h with tailor-made teaching!
A partir de 147€/ 3 heures
Half or full day
Exclusive assistance to best meet your request and your needs.
Book online from September, up until 8 days before your arrival, based on our availabilities! To make sure you get the dates, classes and times that you want, dont wait too long before booking.
Private lessons can be taken alone or in small groups of 2 to 5 people provided that the participants have the same technical level and age group (no adults and children in the same class).
Immeuble La lauzière - 73300 Saint François Longchamp