The Children's House
A team of specialized educators and animators to make your children have a wonderful holiday.

Reception centre approved by the State services: DDJS, Direction Vie Sociale and CAF.

The Children’s House gathers all the children’s clubs (Lutins, Marmottes and Cabris) and is located at the level of the Tourist Office at 1650m with the entrance on the north (upstream) side of the Tourist Office, shops side.

Large games room, with library room, various games, various activities. Spacious rooms of 800 m2 on 2 levels, rooms furnished and colorful with large play areas. Children can play and relax through various activities and games.

Presentation of the health record with vaccinations mandatory in the French Territory up to date.
The tether is mandatory for hygiene reasons.
Comforters marked with the child’s first name.
Diapers and wipes are provided by the Children’s House.


Meals are provided for ALL children. They are prepared by professional catering.
The price of the meal includes on-call time.

For babies bring only powdered milk.
For strict diets and allergies a PAI will be requested from the family. In this case, the family will provide the child’s meal.
Snacks are also provided for ALL children

To Contact La Maison des Enfants:
phone : +33 (0) 4 79 59 15 60

arrival of childrenentre 8h45 et 9h30entre 11h30 et 12hentre 13h15 et 14h
departure of childrenentre 16h45 et 17h15
* Doors will be closed outside of these hours

CLUB DES LUTINS: Children from 3 months to 3 years

A large games room specially designed for them is at their disposal. Equipped rooms where everyone can rest at home
Educational and enriching activities, for a week in the mountains full of adventures between "children".
The Maison des Enfants certified teachers will do everything possible to make your children relax and enjoy their holidays!

: Children from 3 to 6 years
CLUB DES CABRIS : Children from 6 ans to 12 ans
Educational and enriching activities are offered.
The Maison des Enfants certified teachers will do everything possible to make your children relax and enjoy their holidays!
Outdoor outings can be organized on weekends for children (from 4 years).
During the winter holidays (high traffic in the resort), the outings are limited


  • Activities and animations are proposed each week by the animation team
  • For children from 6 years old, 3 large activity rooms with table tennis, table football and many board games are available. 1 library and 1 room with virtual interaction games.
  • For children from 3 to 6 years, 2 large games rooms with many games, 1 library area, 1 manual activities area
  • For the nursery 2 large rooms specially designed for our little ones